Forza Horizon Series – Top 5 Places it Should Go Next

Forza Horizon Series – Top 5 Places it Should Go Next

The Forza Horizon franchise has taken us to the USA, Europe, and most recently to Australia in Forza Horizon 3. Considering how awesome the franchise is (check out or Forza Horizon 3 review), it’s likely (as in guaranteed) we’ll see more Horizon games in the future. The big question will be, where will Horizon take the race next? We’ve compiled a list of 5 locations that could be a fun fit for the Horizon franchise.

Forza Horizon: Japan

Forza Horizon Japan

Japan has a diverse mix of locales that would be perfect for any driving game. Massive cities like Tokyo and Osaka connected via expressways, ancient castles, ruins and so much more. Japan is also home to some pretty significant car brands like Honda, Mazda, Lexus, and Subaru.

Possible storyline:

Being in Japan, the story could focus on Japanese car manufacturers vs the world. The player will begin the game by choosing a side (Japan or the world), and race against their competition to bring the championship to their respective side.

Key sights to see:

  • Himeji Castle
  • Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

Forza Horizon Himej Castle Japan

Bonus idea:

Microsoft/Turn 10 Studios/Playground Games could license certain Japanese franchises for use, such as Hello Kitty, Capcom or Sega. They could then feature specially licensed liveries on the vehicles such as a Hello Kitty car, Sonic the Hedgehog car or Mega Man car. Lot’s of possibilities for adding some variety to the vehicles looks.

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