Halo Infinite Devs Have Decided to Revert Combat Sensor to Old Form

343 Industries Will Tweak HUD and Bring Back Halo Infinite’s Radar to Classic Style

Halo Infinite devs have decided to implement a lot of changes to the upcoming title, following critique obtained from feedback following July’s technical test. The game has been slated for a December release—without its campaign co-op mode—and things are clearly coming down to the wire. Fortunately for Halo Infinite fans, 343 Industries has published an extensive blog post that highlights what changes will be applied.

This has proven that 343 is on top of the feedback submitted by Halo Infinite fans, and rightfully so. Future test flights and post-launch updates will include changes to voice line customization, expanded weapon drills, outline readability, and motion tracker events. Minor changes will also be applied, post-launch, that will make the weapon information—found at the bottom right corner—bigger, and will also apparently show the player’s secondary grenade type.

halo infinite combat sensor

Halo Infinite fans, old and new, were previously debating within the Halo community about the game’s Combat Sensor, which can be found at the bottom left of the player’s HUD. Unlike in the title’s predecessors, the classic Halo radar would reveal all movement—except for crouch-walking. However, as seen in the recent technical preview, the radar featured in Halo Infinite works differently and steps away from what older Halo players are quite used to. Now, it will only display enemies whenever they are shooting or sprinting, pretty much like Halo 5’s Threat Tracker. Basically, players who were just walking at a normal pace would be good as ghosts. They no longer had to be extra sneaky just to avoid the sensor.

We found that most players missed the old properties in these social matches,” 343 stated. “We have updated the Combat Sensor to feel more like the ‘Motion Tracker’ of old, which shows all movement besides crouch-walking, and should have that ready for folks to test in the next flight.”

343’s statement confirmed that Halo Infinite will soon revert its motion sensor back to its old ways—back to the classic style of Halo 1 to 3. Although the new feature were applauded by some for helping keep the matches lively and stopping others from constantly crouching in corners, the main consensus was this new type of sensor feature was bad.