COGconnected GOTY Awards – Most Disappointing Games

5. Saints Row

For some people, the latest Saints Row game was doomed before it ever came out. Some sort of rotting word salad about the writing being ‘too woke?’ No I’m not bitter, why would you ask that question? Anyway, basic comprehension struggles aside, there was trepidation about this latest release. Could the franchise return to its glory days? When did the glory days end, exactly? The people’s fears were confirmed and their hopes were dashed when the game finally launched. It was playable, sure! It was also jam-packed with glitches, bugs, and straight-up crashes. Once the emergency patchwork was finished, fans were left with an aggressively fine Saints Row game.

4. Pokemon Scarlet/Violet

Pokemon games have been splitting the fanbase for years now. Debates about graphics, essential features, and the National Dex have been haunting the franchise since Sword and Shield. So people were waiting on Scarlet and Violet with baited breath. Would these be the games to restore the series to greatness? Kind of! While the games are crammed with great ideas, they also ran like hot garbage. Early reviews seemed too bleak to be real. Things didn’t look any better on launch day, with fans in shock that this was the state of things after a day-one patch. Though the worst of the bugs are behind us, the framerate is still in awful shape. You can read our downright benevolent review right here.

How To Get the Medali Gym Badge in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

3. Gotham Knights

We wanted Gotham Knights to be good, we really did. But without Batman, what even is a Batman game? On the other hand, the previews seemed promising. Maybe WB Montreal could bring the heat? Alas, they could not. Or at least, they couldn’t match Arkham Knight in performance, appearance, or polish. You know, that game from 2015. The UI is a total mess, the combat is terribly bland, and there’s no stealth. There’s some decent building blocks here, but they promise that future games will be better. Might be too late for this one, in other words. Our own review is right here.

2. Babylon’s Fall

Babylon’s Fall should have been amazing! It’s a Platinum multiplayer action title, the checks practically write themselves. Unfortunately, almost every aspect of the game proved to be a hot mess. Muddy graphics, bad level design, boring combat – just a bad time all around. Not only do we not have a review to link to, but there was no one playing this game after a month. The steam player count sat at zero for weeks. Players complained about aggressive pay-to-win nonsense, which likely contributed to its plummeting popularity. It’s almost as egregious as our number one pick…

babylon's fall concurrent pc player count dropped to one this week

1. Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal was the only logical choice for top spot on this list full of disappointing games. Fans may have hated this game since it was first announced, but they still had hope, damnit. A mobile Diablo game? It might be okay! Reader, it was not. Blizzard and NetEase set a new standard for pay-to-win. The game is practically rifling through your wallet after a dozen hours. Every mechanic has its own premium currency, and none of them are cheap. If you want anything but the most miserable grind imaginable, prepare to pay through the nose. Rough estimates for crafting a max power character with cash alone were enough to buy a pretty nice BMW. For committing such heinous crimes on such a massive scale, Diablo Immortal is COGconnected’s Most Disappointing Game of 2022!

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