COGconnected GOTY Awards – Best Performance

For old-timers like me, playing games is like watching children grow up. In the blink of an eye, we’ve gone from blocky pixels to 4K cinematic epics, with performances that equal anything the Oscars reward. Sure, there are still plenty of cringey, faceplant performances with terrible writing. But the quality of voice acting and performance capture just keeps getting better every year. Matinee idols like Ashly Burch or Christopher Judge dominate the lists because, for one, they’re excellent actors, and second, they’re working on projects with outstanding scripts. Here are COGconnected’s awards for the best performances in games this year.

8. Josh Duhamel – Jacob, Callisto Protocol

A veteran television and movie actor, Duhamel cut his teeth on soap operas. Now he’s a genuine movie star. But he’s no stranger to videogames, having appeared in Call of Duty: WW2. For Calisto Protocol, he’s the actor behind lead character Jacob Lee. Calisto Protocol is a bit critically divisive, but Duhamel’s performance is stellar.

7. Jennifer Hale – Bayonetta, Bayonetta 3

Let’s set aside the ugliness that surrounded veteran actor Jennifer Hale assuming the role of Bayonetta. Hale picked up where Hellena Taylor left off, keeping our sexy superhero on track in one of this year’s best performances.

6. Sunny Suljic – Atreus, God of War Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok was probably 2022’s most anticipated game (after Elden Ring, maybe). Ragnarok’s script and actors were under a lot of pressure to top their original performances. Happily, Sunny Suljic came through with an outstanding turn as the adolescent Atreus. And, as you’ll see from our full list, he was matched by the entire cast.

5. Charlotte McBurney – Amicia de Rune, Plague Tale: Requiem

The original Plague Tale was a sleeper hit. Its sequel, Plague Tale: Requiem, continued the tale of siblings trying to survive the Inquisition in medieval France. McBurney’s portrayal of big sister Amicia is by turns dramatic, touching, and witty, thanks to a well-written script.