COGconnected GOTY Awards – Best Performance

4. Richard Schiff – Odin, God of War

For me, at least, Ragnarok’s vision of Odin was a brilliant bit of casting and design. It totally went against our expectations that the god Odin be big and burly. The choice of Richard Schiff — an experienced film and television actor — was equally smart. It definitely qualifies as one of the year’s best performances.

3. Manon Gage – Marissa Marcel, Immortality

Immortality is a puzzle-box of a game. You’re presented with dozens of live-action video clips from movies, interviews, and out-takes. Your task is to assemble, not a movie, but a life. Actress Marissa Marcel has gone missing from movies. Why? That’s your mission, to find out. Gage does an amazing job of portraying the mysterious, haunted, and fascinating actress.

2. Ashly Burch – Aloy, Horizon: Forbidden West

Ashly Burch has range. This year she jumped from playing Tiny Tina in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, to reprising her role of Aloy in Horizon: Forbidden West. Burch is probably the videogame superstar in highest demand, and for good reason. She’s a total pro and badass actor.

1. Christopher Judge – Kratos, God of War

Behind the jokes about Kratos’ one-note delivery of “boy!” is the reality of an amazing performance and nuanced character. Kratos is carrying a lot of emotional baggage on those immense shoulders. Judge turned in an amazing performance and is fully deserving of COGconnected’s top award.

What’s missing from our list? I could name a few. Let us know who should have been recognized this year!

Thank you for keeping it locked on COGconnected.

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