Top 10 Biggest Turkeys in Gaming 2018

The Biggest Turkeys in Gaming 2018

Today, our American friends are celebrating Thanksgiving. Hopefully, they are taking some time to reflect everything they are thankful for and perhaps focussing on everything good that has happened over the last year, but what taking the time to reflect on some moments in the gaming industry that were just plain bad? From bad or confusing decisions to questionable comments made by publishers and fans alike, there’s been no shortage of head-scratching or just plain frustrating moments in the industry so far this year. With Thanksgiving here, we thought it might be time to countdown the biggest turkey’s in gaming for 2018.

10) Bethesda – Early Announcement of The Elder Scrolls VI

During E3 this year Bethesda took the gaming industry by surprise when they announced The Elder Scrolls VI. While fans have long been waiting for this very announcement, their hopes were dashed when the big reveal wasn’t paired with gameplay of any sort. As such, this suggested that The Elder Scrolls VI is still far from release. Despite Bethesda’s Peter Hines explaining their reasons behind this head-scratching move, this announcement did nothing but emphasize just how long of a wait fans of the series still have. While definitely not the biggest poor decision made all year, this one definitely deserves a mention just for pulling on our heartstrings before letting them kind of crash and burn. Dramatic? Maybe. But tell me that’s not how fans are feeling worldwide.

9) Microsoft/343 Industries – Lack of Halo Infinite Information

Okay, so we all figured that Microsoft and 343 Industries would be announcing their brand new Halo title during E3 and though the change in title came as a surprise for everyone expecting it to be Halo 6, there wasn’t exactly a ton of information unveiled alongside the big reveal. Although one could argue that the teaser trailer that was used to announce Halo Infinite was in itself exciting, it’s been three years since the release of Halo 5 and fans deserve more. Additionally, and ultimately even more disappointing, was the lack of release window or actual gameplay shown. Let’s be honest, this announcement probably could’ve just waited until next year, at least that way we might’ve been given more to get hyped about.

square enix character banner the switch

8) Square Enix – E3 Press Conference

It’s abundantly clear just from the two points above that E3 2018 definitely had its disappointing moments, but none more so than the Square Enix presser that served fans what felt like a cold helping of turkey dinner. This year was the industry giant’s very first time presenting on the grandest stage of the year and fans were hopeful that there would be some huge announcements made. What they got instead was recycled trailers already shown during the other pressers, and a severe lack of exciting reveals. Overall, the lack of surprises, gameplay, or general information made this the absolute worst press conference of E3 and honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t asked to return.