Internet Dunks on Square Enix’s Painfully Disappointing Show

Square Enix Falls Out of Touch in Dreadful E3 Presentation

Wow. As a comedian who started E3 weekend off with a crushing failure at an open mic, I know intimately just how bad it must suck to be Square Enix right now. Returning to E3 for their own dedicated presentation for the first time since 2015 where they unveiled last year’s hit Nier: Automata, the publisher/developer delivered what many are calling a devastatingly disappointing show.

If you’re the kind of person who likes watching train wrecks (not literal ones, you monster), you can watch the whole presentation in the video above.  Naturally, after the disappointing show, the internet showed up to dunk on the House of Cloud in a hailstorm of savage tweets, including fans, journalists, and news outlets alike. Personally, I would argue that this could be the worst E3 presentation since Jamie Kennedy hosted for Activision

Looks like Square’s gonna need a Phonix Down to recover from this. Speaking personally, I am dumbfounded that they wouldn’t capitalize on the box office annihilating success of Infinity War by showing off the Avengers game that 2013’s Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics is working on.

The two new titles they did show were basically a series of historical infographics followed by 2 seconds of slow motion action stretched out to 10 seconds (Babylon Falls), and the most generic trailer, maybe of all time, in which a “mysterious” dude beats up a couple of gangster-stereotypes in an alleyway in New York, for seemingly no reason (The Quiet Man).

Were you disappointed with Square’s presentation? Let us know in the comments, and please share your favorite dunks with us! Be sure to keep up with the rest of our E3 coverage including what we thought of yesterday’s Microsoft and Bethesda conferences!