Top 10 Biggest Turkeys in Gaming 2018

3) Entitled fan bases

It’s hard to talk about the biggest fails in gaming without addressing the entitled fan bases of a multitude of games. Most recently, those belonging to Rainbow Six Siege and the Diablo franchise. After Ubisoft announced that they would be removing some slot machines, skull and crossbones, and blood from the walls within Rainbow Six Siege to bring it in line with Chinese standards fans took to social media to express just how unfair this was. Interestingly, it’s still the same as it always was, though it’s missing some features in the background that you probably didn’t even notice in the first place. At the end of the day, it’s still as violent as ever. After all, it’s a game about killing people. During Blizzcon 2018, many fans were hoping for a Diablo 4 announcement and instead were met with the mobile reveal of Diablo Immortal. As you can imagine, this was met with severe backlash though to be honest, this isn’t the worst thing in the world. Diablo 4 will come in due time though I wouldn’t blame Blizzard for waiting just a bit longer just to send fans a message about being a little more grateful. Sure, these aren’t the only games with entitled fan bases, however, it is a reminder to be a little less savage to those who are simply trying deliver fun experiences for us all. While it’s unlikely that every game that is announced will be in line with what we were hoping for, it’s simply not okay to drag these hardworking devs and publishers through the mud for it.Red Dead Redemption 2

2) Rockstar – 100 hour Crunch

Just last month Rockstar founder Dan Houser talked about the working conditions at the studio coming under fire rather quickly for comments made about how just how many hours their employees had to work. Dubbed the “100 hour crunch” it was discovered that Rockstar employees worked 100 hour weeks in the lead up to Red Dead Redemption’s release. Though he later clarified that these work hours aren’t required, some employees came forward and stated that they felt if they didn’t work these crazy hours, they feared they would be reprimanded or even lose their jobs. It’s since been found out that although this 100-hour crunch was brought up in regards to RDR2, it’s not the only Rockstar game it’s applied to. Needless to say, those kind of working conditions are hard to take in stride no matter how great the games are. Since then Rockstar has stated that overtime is 100 percent optional, though honestly, it sounds like their employees have earned some much deserved time off.

1) Filip Miucin – The IGN Plagiarist

Filip Miucin, now known as the infamous IGN plagiarist, originally came under fire for his Dead Cells review back in August. Following the allegation that he had ripped off a Youtuber’s review Filip Muicin took to Youtube himself noting that it was “not at all intentional” and he implored Kotaku to keep looking to see if they would find any more plagiarized reviews. Though he seemed pretty confident there would be nothing to find, dozens more instances of plagiarism were brought to light and he was subsequently fired from IGN. Following this, Filip also removed his video from his Youtube channel, after all what good was pleading his innocence when it was clear he’d really done nothing but rip off other people’s work. Let’s hope to never hear from that guy ever again, after all there’s nothing worse than a fraud representing the gaming industry while so many others strive to put out the very best, original content they have to offer. His actions are simply unacceptable, and because of that he is the biggest turkey of 2018.

Can you think of any other turkeys that we might have missed? Let us know in the comments below!