The Three Best and Worst Video Games From August 2021

The Worst

Arietta of Spirits

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While Arietta of Spirits has a great retro aesthetic, that was pretty much all we liked about it. It’s overall pacing, length, and hit detection simply left too much to be desired. In our review, we found that “Arietta of Spirits just isn’t enough game.”

Winds and Leaves

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Winds and Leaves is a VR game reminiscent of the game Journey, though that is probably where the positivity ends. While the game exudes zen, its janky controls mar the journey, and the overall pastel look doesn’t work great on VR. In our review, we found that “the intent of creating a Journey-like experience is clear but there are too many game mechanic missteps that break immersion.”

Retired Men’s Nude Beach Volleyball League

*** Read our review here ***

Yup, that sure is a title that catches the attention. While we can appreciate some comedy in video games, Retired Men’s Nude Beach Volleyball League just isn’t it and it falls short due to an overall poor package, highlighted by simply bad gameplay. In our review, we noted that “Retired Men’s Nude Beach Volleyball League has appallingly simple and amazingly unattractive art, horrific control and mechanics, audio that sounds like it was ripped from an Edison cylinder (look it up, kids), and repetitive music.”

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