5 Things I Love About the RESPAWN-1048 Gaming Mouse Pad Desk

RESPAWN-1048 Gaming Mouse Pad Desk: 5 Things I Love

There’s a lot to love about the RESPAWN-1048, the new gaming mouse pad desk from Respawn Entertainment. First of all, it does what all desks should do: it holds up the things I need to put on it, and that’s really what desks are all about. Beyond the, you know, bare minimum required of a desk, though, it’s got plenty to love, especially when it comes to all your gaming needs

5. The Instructions

We’ve all heard the jokes about putting furniture together. Piecing together a table or a dresser or a bed can be one of the most arduous and lengthy experiences of one’s life, especially if the instructions aren’t in one’s first language…or anyone’s first language. Thankfully, I found the instructions to be easy to follow from beginning to end, and every difficulty I had along the Desk Building Journey was because of my own inability to combine a screw with a piece of wood. Respawn can’t save me from myself.

4. The Cord Management

Look, good cord management feels like a must for a good gaming desk…and yet there are plenty of barren, desolate desks out there offering nothing but a flat surface with their purchase. Thankfully, the 1048 is not one of those desks. It has two holes for cords to go through, and the pad that goes over the desk not only allows for the holes but also covers them up. Don’t you worry: no one will ever see your unsightly cords, of your immodest Victorian ankles, again.