5 Things I Love About the RESPAWN-1048 Gaming Mouse Pad Desk

3. The Space

I opted for the smaller of the two sizes, but I still find that there’s plenty of space for me to enjoy much more than my computer setup. For example, I drink a lot of Vanilla Coke. When I say a lot, I mean I can go through a twelve-pack (did anyone else notice the packaging changed design? I don’t like it) in three days singlehandedly. I can also fit all of those Vanilla Cokes onto one side of the desk next to my monitor. This desk packs some serious heat.

2. The Fabric 

The RESPAWN-1048’s got one big selling point (other than just generally being a pretty great desk): the big mouse pad cover for the entire desk. When I first unwrapped it after putting the desk together, I was skeptical, but it has proven to be an essential part of my gaming experience…and dare I say, a friend. Having the whole surface area of the desk be mouse pad material makes it so I never have any trouble with my range of motion while playing a large variety of multiplayer games (just Overwatch), and it’s helped my aim considerable in many different arenas of gameplay (still Overwatch). It’s great at the thing it was designed to do, and what more can you ask?

1. Spills

I have a short memory, but the RESPAWN-1048 doesn’t. Sure, some might see the mouse pad cover has having a major drawback (and I may have said so in my official review of the product), but hey, you can turn anything into a positive, right? And like the Irish Baileys spill forever cemented into my futon (my mother thought that part of my sofa was leather), the mouse pad cover carries the memories of my past drunken Overwatch adventures with it forever. And hey, isn’t that what life’s all about?

What do you think about the RESPAWN-1048? Have you been itching for a new desk, or fallen in love with a purchase of your own? Let us know in the comments below!