Razer Reveals New USB Mic: Seiren V3 Chroma

Outshine the Competition 

Sound and light go hand in hand. With today’s technology, capturing both in a piece of equipment is extremely possible, common even. Yet, now, this RGB piece of tech is going to surpass its competition. Today, Razer is happy to announce their newest product, the pro-grade USB mic the Razer Seiren V3 Chroma. Complete with RGB lighting customization the mic is a new step towards a stream inclusive gear set up. In fact, many of the microphone’s features are meant to be stream reactive and customizable. A press release provides fans of the brand with a look at the mic. Additionally, the release gives insights from the head of Razer’s Mobile, Console & Streaming Division, Nick Bourne. 


“We are thrilled to launch the Seiren V3 Chroma and Seiren V3 Mini, showcasing Razer merging top-tier audio quality with the dynamic flair of Razer Chroma RGB,” Says Bourne, ““These microphones are designed to cater to the multifaceted demands of modern content creators…”

In fact, the Razer Seiren V3 Chroma is equipped with multiple features to make streaming easier. For instance, streamers can expect reactive lighting, multi-function tap to mute, further customization with a built in stream mixer, and more. Importantly, a new video shows off the Seiren V3 Chroma in all of its glory. Of course, you can check it out below. 

The Razer Seiren V3 Chroma is available now for $129.99. Find out more about this new microphone from Razer here. So, will you be grabbing this new mic for your stream?