Clever Girls Unleashed Its Dinosaur Instincts With Steam Page Launch

Check out the Steam Page of Clever Girls

The indie game studio Ossifrage Games has officially launched the Steam page for their upcoming title Clever Girls. It is a story-driven, turn-based DinosauRPG with relationship management where you play as a renegade squad of dinosaurs. The main goal is to outwit, ambush, or simply destroy your human poachers with stealth and teamwork.

Clever Girls

In Clever Girls, you will embark on a tactical RPG journey with four renegade dinosaurs filled with interpersonal drama. The dinosaurs must evade the clutches of the corporation that made them. Fight and take down all the captors, ambush corporate enforcers, and break out of your cage to freedom.

You must stalk, hunt, and ambush your captors by using your superior senses to track and eliminate threats. All the while maintaining a good relationship among the dinosaurs for better teamwork. The turn-based tactics help you prepare for the perfect strategic ambush. Grow stronger with every battle, and diversify your strategies to unlock various abilities.

Just because you come across a poacher, that doesn’t mean you have to take him down. You can evade them with stealth, or outwit them with vocal mimicry, and more. The choice is all yours in this journey to freedom.

Engage in the formation of friendship, romance, and rivalry as you delve into a captivating sci-fi story. Experience dynamic and nuanced relationship mechanics that monitor the evolving emotions among your quartet of dinosaur companions.

Key Features:

– 4 unique dinosaur characters with their combat style and abilities

– Deep, dynamic relationship system: form friendships, romances, and rivalries as you like between each character, or just see what happens naturally!

– A narrative where your choices matter, full of alternative paths! Use the “Story Graph” system to explore repeat playthroughs.

– A gorgeous stylized retro-3D world to roam around (and ambush prey) in!