Neon Village Has Launched Its Steam Page Along With a Demo

Create Your Own Neon Village

Get ready to experience a unique blend of different genres. The indie game development studio Encraft has launched the Steam page of its upcoming title Neon Village. That is not all, the team also released the demo version of the game on the platform as well. So, dive right into it and try it out right now.

Neon Village

Neon Village is a unique deck-builder game that perfectly blends “Match-3 Puzzle” and “Roguelike” elements. The main objective of the game is to collect unique residents to create explosive synergies and develop a glittering village. All the while repaying the bank.

Here are some key highlights:

– Deck Builder: Collect hardworking residents, wild animals, helpful machines, and enticing pieces. Combine these pieces correctly to trigger explosive synergies.

– Items to Aid Village Development: Use various items when struggling with bank payments. Who knows unexpected combos might occur.

If you are looking for a unique title that blends different genres, this one is for you. Make sure to put it on your wish list right now to get instant notification when it officially comes out. In the meantime, check out the official trailer below to get a glimpse of the game.