Beasties, Match 3 Adventure, Taming Switch Today

Time to Catch Some Creatures 

Match 3 is meeting a magical world of monsters. Of course, you have to capture them, they aren’t going to come to you. Today, developer Just For Games is happy to announce that their Match 3 adventure, Beasties, is out now for Nintendo Switch. A press release about the game provides more info about how it combines puzzles and monster brawling. Additionally, a trailer from last year gives players a great look at exactly what they can expect from the game. 


Beasties introduces players to a land of magical beasts and exploration. Players will step into the shoes of a monster trainer with ability to tame the monsters that roam free about the land. Beasties combines a relaxing atmosphere with a puzzle brawling system. Additionally, it also uses elements of RPGs such as leveling skills and mining to create a deep but easy to learn system. Players will be able to collect and train monsters of different elemental types and skills. Whether they focus on defense or attack, special skills or something different it’s up to you. Of course, assembling a team according to strategy is your best bet. Find the types that work the best for you and prepare for brawls. 

The world is open and fully explorable with many hidden secrets laying around. Furthermore players are able to collect resources to upgrade their monsters. The announcement trailer for the game gives players a look at all they can expect from the world of Beasties. 

Beasties is available today on Nintendo Switch. Additionally a Steam version is expected to be available in August. So, are you ready to tame some monsters?