Victrix Announces Pro BFG Wireless Controller Xbox Release

Designed For E-Sports

A controller is the method through which many enjoy their favorite games. Whether e-sports player or casual gamer, it’s important that one has a controller that can elevate their play. What could be better than an award winning controller fit with special technology? Today, Victrix has announced that their award winning Pro BFG controller will be available for purchase in February 2024, and officially licensed for Xbox and PC. Announced in October of last year for PC, the controller is finally making its jump to Xbox and is bringing all of its tech with it. Importantly, gamers can get a first-look at this Xbox controller at the Victrix booth in the FGC Area at Dreamhack Atlanta

VictTrix Pro BFG


The Victrix Pro BFG Controller is fully wireless. It harnesses a wide area of modularity so that players of all genres can assign buttons and sticks can be customized as needed. For instance, fighting game players can swap out the right stick with a Fight Pad Module. This module swaps out the stick for six microswitch buttons. Yet, that isn’t all. The modularity of the controller extends to four mappable buttons on the back of the controller. Players can assign these buttons to whatever they need to help improve their performance in game. 

Additionally, the Victrix Pro BFG Controller is built on award winning technology. Interestingly, this technology spreads from the low latency capabilities to the high quality audio of the headphone jack. Furthermore, the controller harnesses technology to avoid the dreaded stick drift that comes with other controllers. 

The Victrix Pro BFG Controller is releasing for purchase in February 2024. However, the controller will be available for pre-order  in January on Victrix’s website. Pre-orders for the controller will start at  $179.99 USD.