5 Incredible Locations I’d Love to See in Forza Horizon 6

Infinite Horizons for Forza Horizon 6 

Forza Horizon has always been a 3-parts racing game, and a 1-part adventure game. Having been set in Colorado, France and Italy, Australia, England, and now Mexico, the geographical location of each game has been a large part of the attraction. Exploring the Playground Games’ handcrafted landscapes at high speeds has brought in over 4.5 million players on the roads of the most recent release. With the next entry being far off in the distance, COG reveals the top locations we want Playground Games to take a crack at.

5. China 

The recent release of Forza Horizon 5 serves as a highlight of the geographical variation in the nation of Mexico. The different locations within the game show off graphical performance and allow for a diversity of race types. This approach to choosing a setting is one of Forza Horizon’s greatest strengths, and with that in mind, setting a future game in China seems like a wise decision. Featuring mountains, deserts, sprawling cityscapes with ancient and super-modern architecture, the Chinese nation offers an incredible amount of options for Playgrounds Games to have fun with. The inclusion of the nation may be a smart business decision as well. As Xbox tries to do better about expanding into the global market, China offers one heck of a player base.

4. Spain and Morocco 

Expansive coastal highways, beautifully built cities with winding roads, and rich cultural history are a few of the many reasons Spain offers a tempting location for a future Forza Horizon. Cities like Madrid and Barcelona that are painted with vibrant colors border both sprawling countrysides and towering mountains, offering players an aesthetically pleasing cruise in their car of choice. Additionally, by allowing players to hop over the Strait of Gibraltar, Playground Games can give Africa its first inclusion in the game series by letting players race around Casablanca and the Moroccan desert.

3. India

Another massive gaming demographic, India, continues the trend of setting that offer a unique cultural identity and geographical options. India’s massive cities and one-of-a-kind architecture offer players a journey through an often underrepresented portion of the world. Bordering nations with vastly different landscapes, a Forza Horizon set in India would have no problem providing players with new scenery and gripping races.

2. American Pacific Northwest and Canada

With only one game set in the geographically massive US, it seems only a matter of time until Forza returns to the country. Set previously in Colorado during the first entry, a trip back to the states could benefit from visiting the Pacific Northwest and the Canadian border. With ample opportunities for both road and offroad racing, the moody, wet atmosphere with a grunge-inspired station would be perfect for weaving in and out of massive redwood trees.

1. Japan

One of the most requested Forza locations since Horizon was conceived, gamers are dying to dive into this island nation. With a unique car culture that rivals any other nation’s, Japan’s unique culture and geography create a setting ripe for racing. The long history of the sport in Japan would allow Forza to explore a variety of different iconic locations in different machines. Japan also offers a wide array of racing locations such as mountains, forests, beaches, and busy city streets. I mean after all, who doesn’t want to drift through a road lined with cherry blossoms or a street winding down Mt. Fuji?

Honorable Mention: Microsoft IP’s

While maybe more along the lines of DLC as opposed to its own game, the idea of setting Forza in a fictional world or worlds has a certain appeal. Whether licensed or within Microsoft’s plethora of properties, speeding your McLaren through Halo’s iconic Blood Gulch, across the snowy landscape of Skyrim, or a psychedelic track through the mind of a Psychonaut would be an absolute blast. While no one would expect the game to match the massive success of Mario Kart, thanks to Microsoft’s recent purchases there are plenty of worlds that Playground Games transform into a Forza Horizon adventure.

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