5 Things I Absolutely Love About ‘Metro Exodus’ After Playing It

Good Heavens, It’s Exceptional

Artyom’s back and scavenging post-apocalyptic Russia in Metro Exodus. I’m happy to report I spent a solid forty-five minutes with the game at E3 2018, and as a big fan of series, I walked away with a list of five stellar updates coming to the next chapter of 4A’s survival shooter. Change your filter and pump your Tihar, because Exodus is unforgiving, beautiful, and a crap ton of fun.

The Best of Open World and Linear Progression

My demo began in a tundra where I infiltrated a cult dedicated to the eradication of technology. Wielding deadly weapons, a Geiger counter, and body armor, I was innately unwelcome. Their attempts at ensnaring me within their dilapidated chapel proved futile as I began picking them off one by one with my suppressed revolver. Classic Metro gameplay ensued as I silently crept through the chapel stealing crafting materials and eradicating the locals. A brief story involving an enslaved mother and her child unfolded during the mission, and it provided me a wonderful sense of familiar Metro gameplay and storytelling. The opening sequence seamlessly transitioned into a vast, open area rife with side quests, hidden areas to discover, and new radiated monsters. I have a liking for both linear progression and open world exploration, and the mere 45 minutes I spent with Exodus has me confident that it’ll blend the very best of both.

Dynamic Cycles

Metro Exodus features a dynamic day and night and weather cycle. I experienced a rainstorm, but the developers state there’s an array of weather types that can strike at any moment. Taking advantage of the day and night cycle can assist or hinder your decisions. Night provides you with the cover of darkness when you intend on stealthily approaching an enemy encampment. However, many of Russia’s mutated beasts tend to appear in droves as the sun sets. The dynamic cycles provide a greater sense of immersion, especially for players looking to role play on the hardest difficulty like your’s truly.

Metro Exodus