E3 2018: The 8 Biggest, Most Surprising New Reveals Ranked

E3 2018 Reveals That Both Surprised and Floored Audiences

E3 2018 concludes after dropping a wrecking ball of surprise and hype. Gamers are now pondering which particular conference won this expo—as well as how to avoid breaking their banks. But, I’m not concerned with any single conference. Now provides a great opportunity to sit back and reflect on which games dropped harder than the rest. I’m talking about surprising new reveals that wowed audiences and left us hot with anticipation. These game announcements are the real winners if you ask me, and, for this article, we’re sticking to the top 8. Note: This is not a list of games that showed the best gameplay. We all know Sony won that competition.

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8. Halo: Infinite

The Master Chief got a new face (almost literally), and a new engine to boot. Our introduction to Halo: Infinite kicked off one of the most fascinating Microsoft E3 conferences in a long while. Halo is a venerated franchise dating as far back as Xbox itself, but even hardcore fans would admit that the formula was growing a bit stale. Hence, gamers greeted the new aesthetic with some traditional excitement but newfound optimism. Everything we saw was beautiful, if minimal, but enough to stoke anticipation for more.

7. Super Smash Bros Ultimate – Everyone is Here!

Everyone is here! There may have been more surprises in Nintendo E3’s Smash Bros presentation than there were games in the presentation. Thriving off the most passionate fanbase spanning two sides of the world, Super Smash Bros Ultimate was packed full of pleasant announcements to the discerning player. This culminated in the realization that every single Smash character, ever, will be playable in one experience. Just as important, the announcements came with gameplay showcasing the game’s newfound smoothness and balance. On top of that, we got Ridley after years of fans practically begging for his addition to the roster. Thank you, Sakurai.