The 3 Best and 3 Worst Games From December 2017

The Worst

Hello Neighbor

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Hello Neighbor was a game that many, including us, kept an eye on for its intriguing concept. That is, a neighbor hiding something potentially dark in his basement, though his advanced AI will attempt to stop you from entering at every turn. However, a great concept does not equate to great execution. The game does not have any real consequences for being caught, the physics are inconsistent, and the puzzles are not done well.


Gang Beasts

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A game can be fun and popular, but not necessarily made well. We found that to be the case with Gang Beasts, with a lack of game modes, repetitive gameplay, and no real incentive to keep playing. In our review, we found that “Gang Beasts is an interesting attempt at switching up the beat-em-up genre with a unique blend of gameplay styles, and as a whole it almost works, however, the severely limited options the game offers and its general lack of the basic building blocks a game needs makes this a title best reserved for playing with friends when nobody cares who wins and you simply want to laugh at stupidity.”

Sky Force Reloaded

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Sky Force Reloaded is a well-made game, with tight controls and crisp graphics. However, we found that the game mechanics were basic and that the game was too slow. For a shoot-em-up styled game, Sky Force Reload does not appeal to veterans or newcomers to the genre. In our review, we found that “It’s a little sad when the best thing you can say about a game is that it’s well-made… there is absolutely no reason to play a [shoot-em-up] so basic”.

What did you think? What were your favorite and least favorite games from December 2017? Let us know in the comments below.