10 Tips for New Overwatch 2 Players


Overwatch is back with new heroes, mechanics, and maps. Of course, it can all be a bit daunting. Whether you’re a new player, or a player returning after an extended hiatus, there’s a lot to get used to. The game is a fast paced, character oriented FPS. Unlike other FPS games, Overwatch 2 plays more like a MOBA where character picks matter, the skills you use matter, and learning what every character does is important for gameplay. 

This means, without a doubt, there is a lot to learn. With over 35 heroes, each with their own abilities and playstyles, players have a range to choose from to start learning. Luckily for new players, there are some tips and tricks to help you start getting better at the game. Importantly, COGConnected has got you covered. Let’s go over some of the key things new players should keep in mind while joining Overwatch 2. From the basics, to some more advanced things to start thinking about as you play more. Without further ado, here are 10 tips and tricks for new Overwatch 2 players. 

1. Learn the Cast 

One of the main draws of Overwatch has always been its extensive cast of unique heroes. Each comes with their own personality, history, playstyle and abilities. As a new player one of the best, and easiest, ways to improve your knowledge about the game is to familiarize yourself with the whole cast. 

Overwatch 2

Whether through playing real matches, or just jumping into the shooting range, it’s important for you to get at least a light grasp on the abilities in the game. Learning what each character does will allow you to know what you are up against in terms of the enemy team. However, it will also inform you of what your team is capable of. 

Learning the cast will overall just make you a better player. Even if you don’t quite know how to play as everyone, at the very least you will have the foundations to play with and around other characters. 

2. Try a Few Characters to Start

Once you have a basic understanding of what everyone does, it’s time to find some characters you like. If possible, pick a character that suits your playstyle in every class. Finding a tank, DPS, and support character that you like will ensure that you can get some play time in on every role. This is important as you will be able to meet your team’s needs in any role you end up in. 

Yet, as written above, every character plays different. Do you want a fast paced, flanker? Play Tracer. Do you enjoy keeping your friends alive and making some space? Maybe Brigitte is the support for you. Overall, once you have your favorites picked out. Practice, practice, practice. This is how you will get used to the flow of the game, and each of the roles. 

3. Learn the Basics of Positioning 

When it comes to Overwatch, one of the most important parts of playing any character is learning where you need to be. Of course, this means learning the positioning of your character will always be beneficial for your team. Importantly the only way to learn is by playing. 

However, it’s important to know the basics. For instance, if you’re playing a support diving into the enemy team is going to result in your death almost always. Learning how to flank properly, make space as a tank, and protect your backline is a lot but it is always worth it. Your gameplay will consistently improve if you know where you need to be. A team with good positioning will almost always come out on top. 

4. Hitscan or Projectile 

One important distinction when selecting characters is to learn what feel you like better. A hitscan character uses a weapon whose bullets have no travel time. If you click on the enemy you will hit them, permitting your crosshair is actually on them. Characters who use these kinds of weapons include, Cassidy and Widowmaker. On the other side is projectile users. Of course, these include weapons that have travel time. Characters who use projectiles with travel time include Genji and Pharah. 

Learning the differences of each of these types of characters, and which ones you prefer to play, will improve how you play. Understanding the limitations of either, and practicing on characters that you prefer, will teach you how to fight properly. You will learn when it is beneficial to take a duel, try to deal poke damage or simply pull back. 

5. Combine Ults

In Overwatch 2 letting your team know that your ultimate ability is ready is a staple. However, they can be most effective when they are used together. Trying to save your ultimate for a solo team kill, or just spending to take out a single enemy, isn’t always ideal. Working with your team to combine ultimate abilities for the most effective use. 

For instance, using a Zarya ultimate into a Pharah ultimate can be a devastating combo that can team kill. Of course, an ultimate like Ana’s is dependent on your team, and learning to supercharge someone with their ultimate ready will be game changing. Despite it being a tempting idea to just ult the first enemy you see, especially if you’re playing DPS, it’s almost always better to work with your team.