These 10 Video Games Were Saved With Updates

8. Overwatch

Did Overwatch launch as a success? Yes. The game was not a financial or critical failure from the beginning, but since its release, Blizzard has added characters, maps, game modes and more to the game. Not only that, the Overwatch League has sparked a fire under esports and has been on ESPN, bridging a gap alongside several other amazing titles. When it launched, it was a struggle for gamers to grind out levels for loot boxes, so at the time it did feel like buying loot boxes was expected. Over time, Blizzard added weekly challenges and other ways to unlock new skins, sprays, emotes, etc. through completing specific game modes. Blizzard has also made many changes to the meta through the lifespan of Overwatch, making gamers change up their playstyle or main character to adapt. Blizzard also added role que to the game which gave healers and tanks a fastpass into a match, while DPS characters have to wait upwards of ten minutes. Overwatch will continue to break ground after its sequel is released as it will be getting a majority of the multiplayer content coming to the new title. Overwatch also became a portable title when it released for the Nintendo Switch on October 15th 2019.

Characters updates

7. Rocket League

When Rocket League released, it was a cult hit among the PC audience and since then the car soccer title has become an esports behemoth and a leader in crossplay. Similar to other titles on this list, the game has received new content which contributed to making it so much better than it was. New fields have been added to the game and Psyonix has branched out to Basketball and Hockey from simply soccer (football) emulation. Rocket League used to have a loot box system that required gamers to purchase keys to unlock them but they’ve since moved on to a battle pass with a constantly cycling in-game store similar to Fortnite, Apex, etc. mostly thanks to the purchase of Psyonix from Epic Games. Several events have added even more to the game such as the 80’s themed Radical Summer event and a Halloween event in 2019 that included a Stranger Things crossover. The best changes brought to the game are purchasable and instantly recognizable cars such as the DeLorean from Back to the Future to various Hot Wheels classics and the infamous Batmobile. Rocket League has always been an addicting and fun experience, but through evolving, it’s better than ever.

6. Diablo 3

When Diablo 3 launched, it was a mess. The real money auction house that Blizzard bragged about leading into the release of the title was broken. The dark, gothic themes of the first two titles were exchanged for a more paranormal experience, which wasn’t really fixed until the Reaper of Souls expansion which blended both styles together. The game originally released on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC but by the time the title made it to the current generation, most of the problems from launch had been fixed. Although the game has become an experience that Diablo fans should play through, it was a total mess when it launched and was made playable and far better since then. It’s expected that Diablo IV will launch under better conditions.