Eight Games With Amazing Winter Vibes

Eight Games With Amazing Winter Vibes

With winter slowly coming to an end, some gamers may still be clambering for the atmosphere of Winter. This can mean various things, from ice and snow cluttering the landscape, to the sight of breath carrying in front of NPC’s, many games have found their own way of making winter wonderlands. These are currently my favorite winter areas in games to explore:

Winter vibes

8 – Steep

Steep is an extreme winter sports game where gamers can explore the most renowned mountains around the world. Many games have amazing winter areas, but just like many of the mountains around the world, Steep protrudes winter 24/7. This is part of what keeps it in the lower ranks, you’ll get winter vibes in Steep regardless of what season it is in-game. In the original incarnation of the game, Steep was set in the Alps and included adrenaline junkie sports such as paragliding, snowboarding and wingsuit flying. After receiving DLC in the form of speed riding, base jumping and rocket-powered wingsuit flying, two expansions were released. The expansions added the 2018 Winter Olympics and the Winter X Games which further solidified Steep as one of the best winter games to play. Of course there are titles such as SSX, Coolboarders, and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, but I just feel like Steep takes the best of these ideas and cranks the adrenaline up to eleven.

7 – Diddy Kong Racing

In many ways, Mario Kart 64 was inferior to Diddy Kong Racing. Kart racers were locked to the ground, despite future Mario Kart titles implementing air and sea travel. Mario Kart 64 had a great battle mode but any semblance of storyline was completely void compared to Diddy Kong Racing. But the main reason I preferred Diddy Kong over Mario Kart during the N64 generation are the levels Frosty Village and Everfrost Peak compared to Frappe Snowland and Sherbet Land. While each of the four maps have their own charm and winter appeal, Frosty Village is easily the most winter kart racing course you’ll ever play. The course combines snowy villages and illuminated snowy caves with icicles at their mouth with a soundtrack that plays on the classic Christmas carol “Winter Wonderland.”

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