Eight Games With Amazing Winter Vibes

1 – Animal Crossing: New Leaf

With Animal Crossing: New Horizons releasing in just over a month, this may be the last mention of this 3DS classic. Animal Crossing is a series that’s always been heavily influenced by the seasons and New Leaf is no exception. The season changes reflect our own calendar as you set the time and date when you start the game, which sometimes allows an overlap of weather between in-game and real life. Animal Crossing: Population Growing started the franchise trend of giving gamers seasonal things to do and during the winter, you could make a snowman, visit villagers in camp sites and even receive a unique present from Jingle himself. Most of this occurs in New Leaf as well, with the game making the snowman building even more exciting and Toy Day is celebrated by all of the villagers alike. Similar to other Animal Crossing titles, cedar trees and some houses are clad with Christmas lights and this will continue in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Similar to other titles on this list, Animal Crossing: New Leaf includes  aurora borealis during the snowy season which makes the gameplay experience even more immersive. Extra winter points if you have penguin,deer, bear and/or wolf villagers in your town during the holidays to get the ultimate immersive experience.