Mario Kart Tour is Getting Festive With New Winter Update

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Mario Kart Tour has only been out for two months. But that has not stopped it from making a huge splash. Upon release, Mario Kart Tour almost instantly became the most popular mobile game ever. It has smashed records and will probably continue to do so. The latest Mario Kart game has managed to captivate just about everyone from all walks of life. It just goes to show how much everyone loves Mario. The game is far from slowing down with content as well. A brand new Winter update is inbound.

Mario Kart Tour

The Winter update is scheduled to go live on November 19th. Players will then be greeted with a bunch of new reskinned maps. Everything is going to have a Christmas feel. Snowmen, Christmas trees, and a lot of snow. This is by no means game-changing, but it will be nice to zip around and blue shell the competition to a nice festive backdrop.

The Twitter account for Mario Kart Tour announced today teased these changed earlier today. They said, “What’s that outside? Has it started snowing already? That can only mean one thing…the next tour is the Winter tour! Bust out your snow tires and ready your chains for a flurry of fun!” A little corny, but this is Nintendo afterall.

Mobile games have a bad reputation and that isn’t totally unjustified. Some of the worst and most annoying business practices in gaming are cracked up to 11 when it comes to mobile games. But that does not mean everyone is not worth your time. There are exceptions, and Mario Kart Tour is one of them. It is still Mario Kart at the end of the day. And who doesn’t like Mario Kart?