Elder Scrolls: Total War – the Mod Everyone Needs

Skyrim is For the Nords

The modding community within Total War has been hard at work. The Eldar Scrolls: Total War has been one of the most in-depth and popular mods to have been made with in the last year. The mod has been out for a while and has been very well received by fans. However, the developers had much bigger plans for the mod and have just released a massive new 2.0 update.


Elder Scrolls

This update has added the fourth era. Now you can take part in Skyrim’s civil war from a totally different perspective than before. The mod runs on Medieval II: Total War, a game that is more than 10 years old. So the graphics are not going to be the most impressive. But needless to say, the attention to detail is definitely there. The units and factions are all easily recognizable for anyone who has played Skyrim.

The mod plays much more closely to Warhammer Total War than it does Medieval. There are monsters and other characters that are synonymous with fantasy. Things like trolls and Mehrunes Dagon are all able to duke it out on the battlefield.

Despite there being much newer Total War games to mod, Medieval II: Total War continues to be one of the most popular among modders. The most well-known mod that has been gifted to Total War fans has to be the Lord of the Rings. This mod is very old but it has to be one of the most impressive overhauls of a game. Everything from the units to the map if perfect. Tolkien would have been proud.

If you are itching to send a message and let people know that Skyrim belongs to the Nords, then make sure to give Eldar Scrolls: Total War a try.