Pigeon Simulator Survival Will Arrive on PlayStation Very Soon

Dive Right Into Pigeon Simulator Survival

Brace yourself for a hilarious experience. The video game development and publishing studio Midnight Works has announced the release date of Pigeon Simulator Survival for PlayStation consoles. It is arriving on the platform on 5th January 2024, so, prepare to unleash your pigeon powers.

In Pigeon Simulator Survival, you will take control of a mischievous pigeon and wreak havoc across vibrant parks. Explore a vibrant and bustling environment full of life with so many opportunities to have fun. The more naughty and mischievous you are, the more wanted stars you’ll earn. It’s time to become the ultimate avian troublemaker.

Well of course there will be consequences and the police will be after your tail. You must outsmart the cops and continue your pranks. Not only that, but you will also get to unleash powerful super attacks that will surprise both humans and pigeons alike.

The game features a seamlessly easy control with intuitive button layouts. You can sprint, dive, and soar with grace as you navigate the park’s many wonders.

Overall Pigeon Simulator Survival promises to deliver the the most whimsical and entertaining adventure that will make all the players come back for more. Are you ready to embark on a feathery journey like never before?