Wandering Sword- A Chinese Martial Arts RPG, Available Now on Steam

Explore Ancient China in Wandering Sword

The Swordman Studio and Spiral Up Games have released their Wuxia RPG title, Wandering Sword. It landed on PC via Steam on 15 September 2023. The game is currently running a 12% launch discount on the platform.

In Wandering Sword, players take on the role of a young swordsman who is caught up in a deadly feud and nearly dies. After escaping from the event, he embarks on a journey to pursue the highest form of martial arts and explore a pugilistic world to become the greatest hero.

Wandering Sword

The game features a unique combat system that blends turn-based and real-time elements. Players can learn and master a variety of martial arts techniques and weapon styles. There are up to 14 unique martial artists to recruit for the adventures, each with their own distinctive abilities and personalities.

The graphics are inspired by classic pixel-based martial arts games with a touch of modern visual effects. It is a blend of traditional pixel art and beautiful 3D landscapes. Moreover, the game features 75 breathtaking locations across 5 diverse regions of ancient China.

Additionally, it has a unique relationship system that allows the player to build romantic relationships with some of the NPCs. It also features multiple endings shaped by the choices you make throughout the game.

Here are some key features:

-Play as a young swordsman on his quest to become a legendary Wuxia master
-Explore 75+ breathtaking locations in an expansive pixel-art world of ancient China
-Discover hundreds of martial arts forms and weapons to master
-Innovative combat system that allows switching between turn-based and real-time mode
-Build relationships with fellow martial artists and recruit them on your adventure
-Experience multiple endings shaped by your choices, supplemented by a myriad of side quests