Skate. Leaked Parkour Footage

Skate. Has New Leaked Footage of Parkour Elements From Recent Play-Testing

“Skate.”, the reboot of the skate franchise has recently seen leaked footage on social media revealing intriguing parkour. This footage originates from EA’s ongoing playtesting endeavours, which have been gradually expanding their player base.

Unlike its predecessors, the new Skate seems to promise an array of expanded movement options. Players can expect more dynamic and engaging gameplay experiences.

Skate. better known as Skate 4

Currently, playtesting occurs on PC, but EA hints at console playtests on the horizon. In a blog post reflecting on a year of PC playtesting, the company reassured console gamers that their time is coming soon. They expressed their commitment to providing console players with a chance to test the game, although no specific date has been announced yet.

Skate’s journey began with a surprise announcement in June 2020, breaking EA’s Twitter engagement record. This free-to-play game is Full Circle’s debut title, an EA studio led by Daniel McCulloch, formerly the general manager of Xbox Live. It marks a significant moment for McCulloch, having spent 15 years with Microsoft’s gaming division before joining EA in 2020.

Notably, Skate will support cross-play and cross-progression across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms. This feature ensures that players can seamlessly enjoy the game regardless of their chosen gaming device. Skateboarding fans, get ready for a thrilling, interconnected gaming experience!