Railgunners Blasting to Steam Early Access in Late September

Bullets on the Horizon 

Prepare to jump into a genre-bending bullet hell where there is no safe strategy. Of course, with this new approach to bullet-hells, a challenge awaits for veterans and new players alike. Today, Expresso Game Studios is happy to announce that their highly customizable shooter, Railgunners, is releasing to Steam Early Access on September 25th. Inviting players to a customizable shooter experience based on the arcade classics from the nineties, the game features action-packed sidescrolling battles. Of course, a press release provides more details about the game. Furthermore, an early-access trailer gives gamers a glimpse of what they can expect from the game. 


Railgunners launches players into a shoot-em-up that aims to offer a new kind of experience. Playing as one of three different characters, players will adapt the characters to their individual playstyle as they fight through 17 different levels. Importantly, each level introduces procedurally generated enemy placement. As a game, Railgunners demands players recognize enemy patterns and stay on the offensive to survive. However, the procedural generation ensures that no two replays are ever the same and therefore there is no one viable strategy that leads to victory. 

Of course, players can check out the new early access trailer for a look at the game. Additionally, the trailer shows off some of the branching paths that players can take to build their arsenal. View the trailer below. 

Railgunners is releasing to Steam Early Access on September 25th. Furthermore, a free demo of the game is also currently available to play.