Strayed Lights Unveils New Pre-Order Trailer Ahead of Release

Let There Be Light

It’s almost time to enter a world of darkness and living shadows. A world where you are the only one who can bring the light. Today, developer Embers is excited to announce a new pre-order trailer for their upcoming  action-adventure game, Strayed Lights. Unveiled ahead of the game’s release on April 25th, the trailer gives players a glimpse of all of the action they can expect in game. Additionally, a press release provides more details on the pre-order and the game itself. 


Strayed Lights introduces players to a being of unbalanced light and darkness. The world is full of ancient ruins, beautiful sights, and of course, dangers. As the player character grows in power, they will change from a pathless child to a determined adult. Of course, growing in power will also grant them new abilities and ways to fight. Mastering states of being is also a massive part of the game. Shift between orange and blue states of being to parry enemy attacks and absorb their energy as you battle hulking monsters of darkness. 

Importantly, players are able to check out the pre-order trailer for a better look at the game. From the smooth ebb and flow of its combat, to the landscapes players will explore. Of course, you can check out the pre-order trailer below. 

Strayed Lights is releasing on April 25th, 2023. It will be available on PC, via Steam, as well as PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Players who pre-order from the game’s official website  will also receive  the 120-page Strayed Lights digital art book plus the title’s soundtrack composed by the Grammy award-winning Austin Wintory for free.