Ravenswatch Battles Into Early Access

Ravenswatch Leaps Into Action 

Welcome to a world where stories come to life. Where fairytales and folklore become reality. Welcome to Reverie. It’s time to join Ravenswatch. Today, NACON and Passtech Games are excited to announce the Early Access release of their co-op roguelite game, Ravenswatch. Launching into the Early Access phase, the game is bringing six playable characters for players to experiment with. Of course, a press release provides more details on the game. Additionally, players can check out the Early Access launch trailer for a look at the art style and gameplay of the game. 

Ravenswatch places players in the shoes of folk lore and fairytale legends who are combatting the Nightmares. Corruption has been eating away at Reverie and it is up to a group of brave folklore heroes to put a stop to it. Alone, or with up to three other players, players will embark on a top-down RPG experience that mixes itself with roguelike characteristics. Of course this includes ability upgrades, quests, loot for your characters, and more. The playable characters of Ravenswatch all come with unique abilities, powers and backstories. 

Importantly, players have the choice to pick between six different characters. Yet, they are not the exact same as their stories would have you believe. Little Red Riding Hood is a werewolf, Aladdin’s wishes can turn the tide of battle, and Beowulf has a dragon as a pet. Of course, players can get a look at the heroes in the new launch trailer. Check it out below. 

Ravenswatch is out now on Steam Early Access. Additionally the game is coming to Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch consoles in 2024.