Gamers React to Star Wars Jedi Survivor’s 150GB File Size

Star Wars is a Big IP, But is it 150GB Big?

So, totally unrelated, how easy is it to add an SSD to the PS5?” This comment, and many like it, give insight to players’ thoughts around Star Wars Jedi Survivor‘s recent announcement. Breaking the news on Twitter, the game has gotten quite a reaction from fans, who are now wondering if they can even fit the game on their platform of choice.

You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me. Elden Ring is 44 GB, GOW Ragnarok is 96. You’re telling me Jedi Survivor has more Data than both of those COMBINED?

maybe 4K textures were a mistake. My ssd isn’t ready“.

it’s wild to think skyrim from over 10 years ago was only 6 gigs and 8 on PC and now we’ve over doubled that

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Games are getting more complex, and it seems the next Star Wars title is no exception. While steps have been taken to reduce the inevitable file size bloat, it seems that measures have not been universally successful. If there was ever an argument for cloud gaming, this would be it. “No-downloads” looks a lot more appealing when the files are getting this excessive.

Fans are clearly excited about the upcoming title and its contents. Star Wars is a major IP with a lot of fans, and now there’s a lot of people wondering how viable it is to even play a game like this. The game aimed for bigger and better, and it seems like they got it.

There hasn’t been a statement from the developers around this subject, and with release so soon it’s hard to tell if we’ll get one.


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