Cult of the Lamb Announces Relics of the Old Faith Update

The End is Just the Beginning 

The cutest cult game is getting some new content. Of course, this update is going to allow players even more ways to influence and spread their cult. Including more end-of-game content. Today,  Massive Monster and Devolver Digital are happy to announce the latest update for their hit roguelike, Cult of the Lamb. The update, titled Relics of the Old Faith, is bringing a whole host of new content to the game from evolving followers to new skills. A press release provides more details on the update. Additionally, a new trailer shows off what players can expect from the update. 

Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb places players in the role of a possessed lamb whose life is saved by a dark stranger. Paying back this stranger is no easy feat. The Lamb must form a community that will blindly follow the lambs commands. Players will enter the forest, unlocking new regions, discovering strangers, new recruits, and rivals. Of course, these rivals will need to be put down for your cult to thrive. 

The Relics of the Old Faith update is introducing a brand-new post-game storyline. Importantly, a new stranger asks you for more. Importantly, you will face updated crusades. Additionally, players will have access to new heavy attacks, Relics as useable items, new lore and more. Interestingly, players can also look forward to new orders for followers as well as evolutions for followers. Check out the new update trailer below. 

Cult of the Lamb is out now on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Switch consoles. So, are you ready for the relics?