I Expect You to Die 3 Infiltrates VR Headsets This Year

Surely, THIS Time

Since 2016, Schell Games has been serving up the super spy experience in virtual reality. In the I Expect You to Die series, you play as the world’s okay-est spy, working for The Agency. Today, Schell Games has announced the third game, I Expect You to Die 3: Cog in the Machine.

The announcement trailer released today shows off new puzzles, gadgets, and ways of screwing up your mission. The title being a James Bond nod, there are many spy tropes and motifs that will make Bond fans right at home.

I Expect You to Die 3

Just from what the trailer shows, I Expect You to Die 3 will have missions where the Agent will have to solder, decrypt codes, and mix martinis. These are all standard areas of expertise spies will have to master. Not doing these activities perfectly could result in global destruction or worse, mission failure.

There is currently no release date, but it will launch on Steam VR and Meta Quest. In 2021, I Expect You to Die 2 was released. It launched on all the popular VR platforms, including PSVR. With the impending release of PSVR 2, I Expect You to Die 3 will hopefully also find a home there.

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