Upcoming Pokemon Presents Show May Have Mystery Dungeon News!

Pokemon News is On the Way!

6:00 AM PST. 9:00 AM EST. If neither of those are in your time zone, plug it into an online converter – because a new Pokemon Presents show is on the way, on Feburary 27th – next Monday!

On top of the usual onslaught of news we’re expected to see, fans can anticipate something special. This show is to commemorate Pokemon Day, after all! After the success of Pokemon Sword and Shield’s DLC offerings, we might find something similar for Scarlet and Violet. Legends: Arceus might see a similar treatment too.

But as it stands, one particular route of speculation seems marginally more likely than the others. Not by much, mind you, so don’t get your hopes up. Take a look at this.

What is it? It’s the Content.json section of the Pokemon Day website. And if you ctrl+F for “Chunsoft”, you find… something copyrighted for 2023?

In case you didn’t know, Spike Chunsoft is the group responsible for the immaculate Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series. (They’re also responsible for the crime against nature that is Fossil Fighters’ third installment, but that’s just a personal vendetta I have). For the uninitiated, imagine a Pokemon game, but the story is so good it makes you cry by the end. That’s kind of Mystery Dungeon’s whole thing.

Now, this could be a whole wad of nothing. Those running the site could have included the text for any number of reasons, like… a big prank I guess? A bulk copy/paste? Nothing is out of the question. But Occam’s Razor is a powerful tool, and while it’s tempted to cut the “NEW MYSTERY DUNGEON GAME” hype train off before it starts, it’s hesitating before it does so. And in my heavily biased heart, that’s all I need.