Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Reveals the Next 2 Raid Battle Events

Pokemon Continues an Incredible Legacy, but Not the One You Think

They have to know. There’s no way that Gamefreak isn’t doing this intentionally. The Pokemon series has had a special history with a certain typing combination – as anyone who was around during gen 5 can tell you.

Three consecutive generations with fire/fighting type starters. The one following this trio was fire/dark… but given its wrestler motifs, it was skirting dangerously close to the line. Cinderace followed that one as a pure fire type, but given its themes it wasn’t completely free of fighting-type sentiment. Scarlet and Violet are the first Pokémon games since generation 2 where the fire-type starter had no connection to the fighting type whatsoever. We’re free, we’re finally free.

Anyway, the next terra raid battle event features a Cinderace with the fighting tera-type.

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This has to be a joke. And you know what? I’m not even mad. We are so far past that, the sheer absurdity of it all is a spectacle in itself. The fire/fighting joke is now an eternal part of Pokemon tradition, and if you’re new to the series, you can officially take part.

The Cinderace raid battle will exist for 7-star raids, and it’ll come with the Mightiest Mark. You’ll have your chance to get it between December 30th and January 15th.

But that’s not all – at star-levels between 1 and 5, another event is quickly approaching. This time it’s for Delibird, between December 23rd and December 25th. This one has no set tera-type – you could catch with pokemon with any tera type.

And with that, there’s only one thing left to do. Are you willing to dive into the depths, long past the point of insanity, and gaze upon the glory of the kicky bunny that learned how to punch because Gamefreak thought it’d be funny? Because I know where I stand on this issue.