The King’s Dilemma: Chronicles Ruling Today on Steam

Heavy is the Head…

What if every choice you made had a kingdom hanging in the balance. Would you listen to your closest advisors? Or would you trust your instincts. Now you can find out. Today, Big Trouble Game Studio is happy to announce that their decision based kingdom sim game, The King’s Dilemma: Chronicles, is out on Steam. Focusing on various narrative paths, with a choice based gameplay mechanic, the game allows players to decide the fate of a kingdom through their choices. A press release provides some intricate details about the game and its release. As well, a new launch trailer gives players a rundown of what they can expect. 

The King’s Dilemma introduces players to the Kingdom of Ankist. A fictional and feudal medieval world. Players take on the role as the Head of The Council, the leader of the King’s inner circle. Importantly, players choose to play as one of twelve different houses, each with differing narrative goals in mind. As the Head of Council you will have hundreds of choices before you. Of course, you won’t be making these choices alone. Will you listen to the other members of the council? Or will you overrule them. 

Including hundreds of different choices that all effect the outcomes, the game asks players to make tough decisions. Will you send help to a famine stricken village? Will you go to war in the north of the kingdom? It’s all on your shoulders. Check out the launch trailer for a quick rundown on the game. 

The King’s Dilemma is out now on Steam. Currently it is available for $19.49. So, will you be able to make the right choices for the kingdom? Or will all fall to ruin?