Hellcard, Sequel to Book of Demons, Heads to Steam in February

Welcome to the Paper Dungeons 

Prepare for an adventure once again into a world of paper. A unique world of fast-paced technical battles, demons, and adventure. Today, Skystone games is happy to announce the release date for their upcoming RPG, roguelike, deckbuilder, Hellcard. The sequel to the wildly successful Book of Demons, Hellcard continues the combination of deckbuilding and tactical RPG elements that fans can expect. A press release provides more details on Hellcard. Additionally, a release date trailer shows off the action of the game. 


Hellcard places players back into the Paper Dungeons. This time, facing off against the Archdemon’s hordes. Importantly players can look forward to a massive amount of versatility when facing off against foes. From three distinct classes each with over 300 different cards, to 35 unique monsters including elites, and bosses. Hellcard brings various unique features that require players to consider their moves carefully. For instance, monster placement actually matters. Where you position your monsters can give you an advantage in battle, or cost you everything. Every move needs to be calculated and thought through. Of course, you don’t need to go it alone though. The game provides players with the ability to play with up to three other friends, each bringing their own decks to battle. 

Of course, players can get a look at the game from the new release date trailer. Check it out below for a look at the gameplay and art style. 

Hellcard is releasing on February 16th, 2023. It will be available on Steam. Currently the game is available to wishlist. So, will you head back into the dungeons?