Critics Have Reviewed The Last of Us TV Adaptation – Here’s the Results

The Last of Us is Winning First Place

It’s incredible. The Last of Us TV adaptation “ranks among the all-time greatest video game adaptations”, according to Rotten Tomatoes. There can always be differences between general audience reception and critical reception, of course, but rarely anything at this scale. Odds are, Last of Us fans have something truly incredible to look forward to, perhaps becoming ‘Last of Us TV” fans instead of game fans, if the sequel wasn’t to their liking.

  • “A Triumphant and Heart-Shattering Videogame Adaptation” – Bloody Disgusting
  • “Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey Are Perfect in HBO’s Faithful Adaptation” – The Wrap
  • “The Last Of Us Is the Best Videogame Adaptation Ever, But It’s So Much More” – Gizmodo

Oh I’m sorry, you thought we were only going to rule-of-threes this praise? Think again.

  • “The Last of Us is a sprawling, emotional epic that captures the game’s spirit while expanding on the narrative in surprising and rewarding ways.” – Screen Rant
  • “Everything a Great Adaptation Should Be” – Collider
  • “HBO’s Masterful ‘The Last of Us’ Is the Best Videogame Adaptation Ever” – The Daily Beast
  • “A Thrilling, Character-Driven Achievement For Game Fans And Newcomers Alike” – Slashfilm
  • “Comfortably the best adaptation of a videogame ever made: one that deepens the game’s dystopian lore, while staying true to its emotional core” – Empire
  • “HBO’s The Last of Us stays true to the game, and hits just as hard” – Washington Post

But that’s just them – how are you feeling about the project? Do these results make you hopeful for the show’s public launch? What plot details or stylistic choices do you think could have elicited such high praise? Make your voice heard in the comments section down below!