The Witcher 3 Is ‘Actively Investigating’ Free Next-Gen Update Issues

The Witcher 3’s Free Next-Gen Update Is Out Now

The Witcher 3 players can now enjoy what its free next-gen update has to offer. The update brings multiple graphical improvements, gameplay tweaks, as well as the integration of some known mods. However, many players have complained that they keep running into freezes and frame rate dips. According to their reports, these problems mostly revolve around the game’s ray tracing and DX12 implementation.

Witcher 3

On Steam, The Witcher 3 has 418 negative reviews out of 2,000. These negative reviews are mostly asking why their beefy graphics cards are taking huge hits from the game’s ray tracing, even at 1080p. Others reported about crashes and DX12 issues.

Still, fans of the franchise who are looking forward to trying it out should not get disheartened. After all, the other 1,600 reviews have been positive. In fact, many The Witcher 3 players are enjoying the update quite nicely, especially since it costs nothing but bandwidth. Plus, they can just turn off ray tracing if they run into any performance issues.

Fortunately for those who did come across problems, CD Projekt has informed the gaming public that they are looking into it. “We are aware of the issues PC player shave been reporting since last night’s release of the update,” they wrote on social media. “We are actively investigating all of the reports and will be providing an update on particular issues as soon as possible.”

The lucky players who did not run into any ray tracing trouble, The Witcher 3’s free next-gen update is a nice treat. It is a welcome return to one of the best RPGs in the gaming market. Hopefully, devs can launch a patch quickly so more players can enjoy a properly ray-traced Geralt for the holidays.

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