The Steam Winter Sale Lists a Ton of Legendary Games at 1$

The Best Offers for this Steam Sale

Ah, the holiday season. Another year, another excuse for Steam to list a ton of games for rock-bottom prices. This year, you’ll find some of Valve Software’s greatest hits available for nearly free. If you thought Steam was cool, just wait ’till you find out why people complain about Valve’s lack of branching out. Because back in the day, when they focused more on game development, they created some of the era’s most influential games.

Left 4 Dead. Portal. Half-life. What do these franchises have in common? If you check their steam store pages, you’ll find nearly every game among those franchises listed at one American dollar.

Half-Life 2

Payday 2 joins this list, with Fallout: New Vegas, Super Meat Boy, and Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst not too far off the mark. This Steam sale isn’t just for Valve’s games, after all. Anyone can join in on the markdowns, and many studios have taken up Valve’s offer.

This Steam sale is meant to remain until January 5th. So if it’s not that date yet, congratulations! You can fork over some pocket change for hours of premium fun. And if it’s past date… better luck next year, I guess? Or just wait – older games like these frequently find themselves discounted. Now whether those deals will be a dollar a pop, it’s hard to say. But this won’t be your only chance to play through gaming history.

So, what games will you be picking up? Will you be adding these to a cart already stocked full with discounted modern releases like Elden Ring? Or are you just here for the vintage stuff? Make your voice heard in the comments down below!