Nightingale Unveils New Gameplay Trailer

Across the Realms

A new survival experience is showing off at the Game Awards. Now players can learn what it means to be a Realm Walker. Today, Inflexion Games was excited to reveal the latest trailer for their upcoming game, Nightingale. A new take on the survival genre, Nightingale is taking players across various realms of the Fae Wild. A press release provides details on the game. Of course, the trailer gives players a better look at what to expect from the game. 

nightingale survival crafting game

Nightingale places players in the shoes of a Realm Walker. Finding themselves stranded, players are left in the Fae Realms. An arcane portal, and their only way home, left in ruins behind them, players have one choice: survive. Players will adventure through the realms, learning to survive and becoming a better Realm Walker. Of course, navigating the realms to find the last human city of Nightingale is the goal. Yet, this is easier said than done. You will encounter incredibly deadly creatures of all varieties.  You will need to build, craft, explore, and gain skills to make it out of this. Do you have what it takes? 

The new trailer shows off some of the new threats players will face. Additionally, players get a direct look at what the game looks like, will feel like, and more. Of course, you can check out the trailer below. 

Nightingale is currently in development with no release date yet. However, it will enter Early Access on Steam. So, what do you think about Nightingale? Does it look like a refreshing take on the survival genre?