Mortal Shell Becomes Free on Epic Games Store Today

Test Your Sanity 

Welcome to a shattered world. Discover the remains of lost warriors. Use them to your advantage. Today developer Cold Symmetry’s deep action RPG, Mortal Shell, is free on the Epic Games Store. Providing a unique soulslike experience, the game aims to combine strategic action combat, with varied styles of play. Prepare yourself for battle in a world that may just drive you to the edge of sanity. 

Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition

Mortal Shell introduces players to a world where humanity has withered away. The last humans rot and fall prey to zealous monsters, and stalking dead. Yet, the dead are not only foes. Players can harness fallen warriors and use their unique fighting style against enemies. The lost remains of these defeated warriors will give players the option to choose a fighting style that fits each player’s respective playstyle. 

Importantly, players can check out the Mortal Shell: Complete Edition trailer for a look at the game. The trailer shows off a mix of the gameplay and the art style. Of course, the trailer will show off some of the threats players will face as they adventure through this shattered and desolate world. Check out the Complete Edition trailer below for a glimpse of Mortal Shell. 

Mortal Shell is currently free on the Epic Games Store. Test yourself against various different enemies, wait for the perfect time to strike, and find your favorite playstyle amongst the dead. So, what are you waiting for? Jump on the Epic Games Store and grab Mortal Shell today.