Hades, Award Winning Roguelike, Currently 50% On Steam

Time to Escape the Underworld 

An immortal adventure awaits you. Escaping from the underworld isn’t easy, but it’s never been more fun. And there hasn’t been a better time for it.  Supergiant Games’ award winning roguelike action game, Hades, is available now on Steam for 50% off. With the announcement of Hades II coming to Early Access in 2023, there couldn’t be a better time to grab the first game. Of course, the game has been lauded and praised for its fantastic gameplay loop, and expertly crafted narrative. Now is the time to explore it. 

Hades promo art

Hades is a roguelike action game that places players in the shoes of Prince Zagreus. Hades’ son, and prince of the Underworld. As Zagreus players will attempt to escape the underworld on a quest for the surface. However, Dad is intent on stopping you. As you journey through the underworld you will face hordes of Hades’ minions, as well as fearsome bosses. Luckily for Zagreus he has an arsenal of infernal weaponry at his disposal. Each offers a vastly different way to play. Yet, that’s not all. He also has some help from his Olympian family members. With a multitude of boons and upgrades to choose from there are endless ways to play the game. 

Importantly, players who haven’t gotten a look at the game can check out the release trailer from 2020. Take a look at Zagreus in action. 

Hades is available for 50% off until January 5th on Steam. Currently the game is only $14.99. So, go ahead, jump into Hades.