Cult of the Lamb is Available on Steam for 25% Off

Cults Have Never Been So…Cute?

Have you felt like you belong in a leadership position? Do you desire power? What about mystical abilities from an eldritch god? If all of this sounds great, then there is a perfect deal for you. Massive Monster and Devolver Digital’s hit dark and cute game, Cult of the Lamb, is now 25% off on Steam. Prepare to lead your own cult in whatever fashion you see fit. Just know you will not go unchallenged. 

Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb places players in the role of a possessed lamb whose life is saved by a dark stranger. In order to begin repaying this favor, the Lamb must form a community that will blindly follow the lambs commands. Enter the forest, unlocking new regions, discovering strangers, new recruits, and rivals. Of course, these rivals cannot be allowed to live. Any who would oppose the word of the lamb must be dealt with. Severely. 

Players must maintain their influence or risk losing their cult and more. You must crush leaders under your foot in order to subjugate their followers and convince them of the goodness of the Word. Of course, the choices you make as cult leader carry weight. How you choose to run the cult will influence follower opinion, devotion, and more. You must not fail. 

Importantly, you can Cult of the Lamb for 25% off until January 5th on Steam. So, will you take on the mantle of Cult Leader? Will you spread the gospel of the lamb?