We Are The Caretakers Will Officially Launch In Early January

We Are The Caretakers Will Officially Launch In Early January

Heart Shaped Games are preparing to launch its tactical, strategy role playing game on PC and Xbox Series X/S. We Are The Caretakers will release on the platforms on January 6th, 2023. The game spent some time in early access prior to its launch. It first launched into early access on April 22nd, 2021.

We Are Caretakers

The company noted that is focusing on the Steam and Xbox Series X/S version. They told Gematsu, “The Xbox One version is unlikely to be available at launch. We want to make sure it is optimized before it releases. We’re focused on Steam 1.0 and Xbox Series in the short term.”

In the game, players control and manage a squad, which has drawn inspiration from XCOM, Black Panther and Darkest Dungeon. As a result, players must defend themselves against poachers and other enemies while protecting endangered animals. One of the key features is that the game is built in an afrofuturist universe. Furthermore, players will enjoy a reputation system where each action committed has a serious effect on other persons. Moreover, players can build squads from hundreds of characters, each with their own skills, abilities, traits and more. There are also thirty job classes to choose from.

Besides that, players will enjoy other cool aspects of the game such as a sprawling technology tree, micro-managing headquarters by meeting leaders and turn-based encounters with an innovative turn-based combat system. We Are The Caretakers draws inspiration from great titles!

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