Wakanda: The Game – We Are the Caretakers Coming Next Month

Save the World From Itself

Usually when games set out to “save the world”, there is usually an outside or invading force. We Are the Caretakers subverts that idea a bit. What if… we were the monsters all along? Well, we kind of are. We are reckless and destructive in the name of progress. This RPG is all about preserving the world, by force if necessary. The style of the game is¬†Afrofuturism, which I believe directly translates to ” really cool”. Everything is futuristic, inspired by traditional African clothing, architecture, music, and symbols.

We Are Caretakers

If you see this trailer and think “Black Panther”, well both these things are inspired by Afrofuturism. They show us how far preservation, and African beliefs and tradition could go with the tools and resources of the future. The trailer shows turn-based, tactical squad combat. We also see customizable squads with different warriors you can swap with and a map of various locations and missions to choose from. These Caretakers are protectors of endangered animals. If you are a fan of tactical RPGs like XCOM, you will want to check out We Are the Caretakers next month.

We Are the Caretakers will be entering Early Access on Earth Day, April 22nd. 10% of We Are the Caretakers sales will go to Wildlife Conservation Network’s Rhino Recovery Fund.

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