Destiny 2 Game Director Says the Changes Will Take ‘Some Time’

Destiny 2 Devs Are Working on the Changes

Destiny 2 fans have taken to social media earlier this week to complain about the game giving them burnout. It is not uncommon for the franchise’s following to be more irascible during the final season each year. At this time, it would seem that players are truly over the current installment. 

Many Destiny 2 players have started to complain about how stale the game has been with an almost identical power climb every three months. The staleness of its PvP seems to be the common denominator among recent complaints, especially with its lack of maps and an aerial effectiveness system that fans seem to detest.

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Destiny 2 Game Director Joe Blackburn informed fans that the game’s development team knows about their complaints. Apparently, they are already hard at work on some changes. However, their implementation will reportedly take a while.

Heard loud and clear on the feedback with our current seasonal backbones,” Blackburn wrote on social media. “I wanted to make sure everyone knows that your words are not falling on deaf ears.”

At the moment, Destiny 2 devs are working on upcoming seasonal content. They can therefore incorporate current fanbase sentiment when it hits sometime in early summer of 2023. This delay is simply part of the nature when it comes to making these types of games. Devs already know what to do. The main issue is actually getting it done.

“The team is excited to put some more creative risk in seasonal progressions but there will be some time before the feedback catches up with the development cycle,” he added.

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