Destiny 2’s New Patch Fixes Issue With Acquiring Seasonal Weapons

Destiny 2’s Latest Patch Fixed Seasonal Weapons

Destiny 2 fans are well aware that its gameplay loop is all about acquiring new weapons and gear. With that said, anything that gets in the way of this pattern will be a big issue. Players have been plagued with a problem since the launch of Season of Plunder. Apparently, they had trouble acquiring particular seasonal weapons.

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Destiny 2’s Season of Plunder offers an assortment of Shipstealer quests and seasonal challenges for players to finish. It is the Ketchcrash activity that is causing a lot of trouble. The goal was for players to obtain a Deepsight-modded weapon when they complete Ketchcrash for the first time each week. However, it would seem that this was not always happening.

According to Bungie, the game’s latest patch fixes this issue. They also changed how the Double Perk Weapon Spoils Crew Upgrade works. Players will now get another Deepsight-modded weapon the first time they focus a weapon every week. This will make it much easier for them to reach the crafting patterns that they really want. It is worth noting, however, that it still requires five Deepsight completions to unlock one.

One other important seasonal fix is related to the intro mission. It kept blocking Destiny 2 players from completion whenever they lost connection. Thankfully, the latest patch fixes this problem as well.

Apart from crafting and rewards, Destiny 2’’s hotfix also addresses other issues that involve weapons and armor. Multiple players have observed that Reactive Pulse kept accidentally providing a permanent overshield. Eager Edge could also be used multiple times per activation. The Cry Mutiny ornaments were also misnamed. These were all remedied by the game’s latest patch.

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